As we take an order, we do embody the request from the design of goods to finished goods with our one-stop-service in the demanded delivery time. There is no troublesomeness to order to plural manufacturers. The secret is that it is tied seamlessly from a design to highly precise finished goods with three-dimensional data. Not only an order from a design,but also an order from any timing of a production process is available. A customer's dream is embodied at the shortest time and the minimum cost by all the processes from development to finished goods. Please entrust our one-stop-service!

The designer who had all the production processes in the company, and had full knowledge is in charge of product development. Repeating a review with each process in the company as initial flow management We can pridict "the arising problem which will come out and exist" at early stage of a design in advance.And it incorporates in a design.Therefore,work does not return to upstream software development. Problems which often exists, for exsample,mold tool intensity is weak in case of the form. "a mechanism not being realized in case of the design". and "if in case of this structure, an assembly is difficult". We do not have these problems. Also in a production process, We have information sharing in groupware The production management system using WEB ties, it is produced efficiently even the dotted factory .

Even a parts order only , the stance of our company does not change When you have the problems in a molding tool and the problems in production . We propose the solution in consideration of the product performance, parter parts and product structure. We stand on a position of the customer, not only mere problem indication, and an awareness of the issues is shared. Please do not hesitate to consult with us.

However we may use highly precise three dimensional CAD, If we can not produce smoothly, It is not meaningful for us. We consider three dimensional CAD to be only extension of a pencil. It evaluates calmly what kind of thing was produced by the completed data.

The quality of a product is decided in the early stage of a design. Therefore, at our company, We are putting a lot of energy into management of a development early stage. A review at each process is repeated and a problem is solved. Quality is made and it is produced with the early stage of development.

Production is performed by the optimal construction method that suited goods. We adopte the manufacturing method which gives added values with the productrs appearance and the function .

The finished products are shipped through a severe delivery inspection. We supply products based on a customer's request quality and delivery. We are doing our best in lead time shortening every day.

We send positive products to you by the daily quality check based on thoroughness of initial flow management. We promise to offer the high product of a quality using a three-dimensional measuring instrument and a color difference meter.





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