The production control of our company is managing in a unified manner by connecting the dotted factory on the Internet. Planning of production and actual production cooperate on real time, and always manage progress. It is striving for request time-for-delivery strict observance of a customer every day.


We have introduced the production control system which can carry out unitary management of the dotted factory. We manage with high precision such as from an order received to production, purchase arrangements, stock, and shipment.


Our company flight, a chartered flight, and route flight are combined, and most efficient transportation is realized It is contributing to customer; s inventory reduction.

Is the product satisfactorily producible from the beginning time of production? At our company, We think that initial flow management is very important. It incorporates in new product development, without leaving the past manufacture trouble We aim to produce excellent products only at the manufacturing process . Moreover, We are making efforts to get customer's satisfaction and enviromental consideration , by the improvement of a manufacturing process, and we reduce the amount of the material.


ISO9001 (JIS Q 9001): Quality management system This is a management system that we can get customer satisfaction through pushes in a guarantee of quality of elegance and service,
ISO 14001 (JIS Q 14001): Environmental management system This is the managemane system that the activity of an organization, a product, or service in consideration of the environmental plan itself affects to environment.


iso9001 iso14001